P. KHANDWALA INDUSTRIES is the Marketing Arm and Channel Partners of AVON Group of Companies since last 35 Years. The Industrial Electrical Products we offer caters to the needs of Machine Manufacturers and are used in Machine Tools, Control Panels, Elevators, Hoists & Cranes, Material Handling Equipment, Plastic Molding Machines, Die Casting Machines, Special Purpose Equipment, Automation and other Projects. Our clients are the leading business houses in the Elevator, Hoist and Cranes, Panel Builders, Flameproof Switch Gear Manufacturers.

We also manufacture customized wiring kits for Elevator Space. Some of leading players in the Lift Industry are our clients. AVON Switchgear manufactures wide range of Precision Limit Switches (Roller Lever, Mini Limit Switch, Push Rod, Adjustable and Crank Roller Lever Limit Switches), Push buttons for Control Panels, Lift Push Buttons, Control Operating Panels, Hall Buttons, Led Lamps, and Display Cards for elevator control panels.